Contaminated Japanese Fish

            Yesterday, I was watching a TV show called Daily Connection on KNBC4  and the topic was Japanese fish. They discussed the fact that U.S. officials have been inspectiong sea food imported from Japan looking for radiation. The inspection’s have been occuring often since radiation leaks from the crippled power plants have been found in the Pacific Ocean. Even still there has been concerns over whether or not fish from Japan is safe to eat. World Renowned Chef, Eric Ripert that was named “Mater of Sea Food” has stated, “I have seen a lot of paranoia from customers, my staff, and I have been concerned myself.” Because of this concern Chef Ripert has decided to use a radiation detector  to check all of the sea food he cooks. In addition, he says he will no longer buy fish from Japan. I also learned that contaminated fish has been turning up in the water off of Japan near the Fukushima plant. This is a result of Japanese officials dumping radioactive  water  from the plant right into the water. The Japanese officials say that they are going to be storing more of the contaminated water so they don’t have to dump it into the Pacific Ocean. This is suppose to take place allegedly by this coming saturday.

          I never thought about the fish in Japan being contaminated as a result of the power plants being crippled. So I was very surprised when I found out about this information. It really makes me more conscious about what I eat and where I eat. Another thing that was very surprising to me about the contaminated fish is that the Japanese officials are just dumping radioactive water from the plant into the ocean. It makes me wonder if they thought about wether or not doing this would contaminate the water. Which would make people very sick and possibly result in people not wanting to buy Japanes fish. But I also wonder if it is only Japanese fish that is contaminated because the U.S. is also apart of the Pacific Ocean. So I wonder if that contaminated water could spread to the U.S. resulting in contaminated fish in the U.S. aswell. I would say it is better to be safe than sorry and I wouldn’t eat sea food at all for a while until everything clears up.


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